I Am A Collector of Books And Words

Books and words have always been an important part of my personal universe and environment. Tall cabinets chock full of books lined my childhood home. My version of misbehaving as a youngster was reading a book instead of cleaning my room. In seventh grade, I would speed through borrowed YA fiction surreptitiously held under my desk in English class. Library book sales were an annual family tradition.

Almost seven years ago, I moved from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest and chose to drastically downsize my book collection. I kept a few boxes of books I read every year and several classics. Last year, my parents retired to a nearby location and brought along many more boxes of books that I had left behind to be donated. I now have a bookcase in the house full of recent acquisitions, several cabinets in the garage full of books gathered since childhood, and a shelf in our bedroom stacked with books on loan from the library.

Many times while perusing a book, one phrase or sentence will jump out at me and provoke thought and meditation. I collect these words in notebooks full of scribbles and quickly typed notes on our desktop computer or my little iPod Touch. In an attempt to bring some order to my stockpile of words or at least track the progression of my thinking and reading, I will be posting the quotes and asides that have sparked my attention as the days go by. Maybe they will add a spark to your days, too!