EF Outlet’s Open for Two Days! My Quick Picks

Emerson Fry is one of my favorite shops because of the quality fabrics, the simple cuts, the fact that most of their skirts and dresses have pockets, and their pieces last forever.

The prices can be steep if one is working with a tight budget so when the outlet opens to offer samples, discontinued, and imperfect items, that’s the time to stock up!

Here are my quick picks for the current EF Outlet Sale:

#1) Sample Pack No. 25 is perfect. I am a big fan of bright suits, so I picked up the jacket last year. I’m not afraid of being seen in coordinating sets, so it’s exciting to picture adding the pants and shorts to my (tiny) wardrobe.

Pretty much the best way to style that slouchy linen blazer is just as shown in the picture above on the right. I did wear it like that, but I also paired it with these Everlane (<–affiliate link) shirts:

And these skirts from EF Outlet:

For a once-in-a-decade girls’ night out, I layered the jacket over this sweater and leggings from Zara:

I wore all of the above with Paolo flats whenever I needed to walk more than a couple of blocks, and wedges when the occasion called for standing around and trying to look cheery.

Okay, back to my other quick picks!

#2) The Zaffiro Shirt Hem Dress’s clean lines and pockets look just right for doing light yard work in the afternoon sun.

#3) For harder work in the garden during warm weather, I pull on a pair of light-weight jeans like the vintage EF’s above. They keep me cool and have a nice 70’s feel about them.

And that’s it! I stick to a pretty basic uniform mostly from EF Outlet, Emerson Fry,  J. Crew Factory and Everlane (<–affiliate link), it’d be fun to pull those pieces together in future posts. In the meantime, there’s a shortlist over here.

Featured Photo Credit: Death To The Stock Photo