EF Outlet’s Three Day Pants Party! My Quick Picks

Marzocco Coffee

If you feel like you need a midwinter wardrobe refresher for 2016, Emerson Fry's having one of their best sales yet. You can join the three day Pants Party at EF Outlet with over 22 pant styles for $50 a pair and 9 imperfect versions going for $25 each!

I'm feeling drab in my worn out jeans and too-big cargos, and skirt-tights-boots combos feel like too much work, so I'm considering nabbing a few pairs of pants myself...

Here Are My EF Outlet Quick Picks (And Zara Pairings):


♠ Even though I'm not in a jeans mood right now, the Indigo Mick 3 Pant might be worth getting and putting away for later. It has a cute, not-too-tight shape and the ankle side zip is adorable. I'd go simple and wear it with this boatneck blouse, this navy waistcoat, and these sneakers.

♠ The Topograph Fold Pant. The fold-closure, drop-crotch, and soft swirled pattern gives it a relaxed look, and the sleek lightweight fabric is just dressy enough to wear to dinner with friends or on light errands. I'd like to wear it with this oversized bomber jacket, and this striped blouse or this roll neck blouse, and these slippers.

♠ The Ink Coated Panel Pant is a sedate version of the Zara Combined Leggings I wore (and wore out) last year. The coated panel looks like an abstract riding boot or Wellington, and I especially like the front and back raised seams, but I'm on the fence because it doesn't look like the pants have pockets. I'd wear it with these platform loafers and this dress or these tasseled loafers and this check dress.

♠ Saving the best for last. The Hot Red Wrap Pants add a roll and tie option to Emerson Fry's fold-closure. I like the black version, too, but it's cold and rainy outside and I'm craving clear, bright colors. I'd wear it with these block heels, this blue blazer, and this sleeveless high neck top, or this floral print shirt.

I would wear any of the pants above with this black halter neck bodysuit, and these black lace sneakers.♥

What are your favorites from this EF Outlet Sale? How would you wear them?

Featured Photo Credit: Death To The Stock Photo