Enter The Madcap Gardener. It Begins

Journal of the Mad(cap) Gardener

It is a rare day when I have time to be outside (alone!) and feel good (I can walk upright!) enough to take care of things in the yard.

Sunday was such a day. And I got things done.

  • 8 baby Skyrocket Junipers, planted. Because, well, privacy. And the silvery blue green color. And, privacy. Did I mention privacy?
  • 1 Jacquemonti birch, planted. Because, shade, pretty bark, and height and width for, you guessed it, privacy.
  • Lots of wood and pavers cleared and stacked neatly near the back fence.
  • The remnants of our first patio removed and stacked.
  • 1 classic, purple lilac bush, planted. Shade, scent, memories, blossoms, and a leafy shelter for the future doghouse.
  • 1 planting bed incorporating the new birch, my Aromatnaya quince, purple hyacinths and tulips (the boys’ winter project), a peony bush (survived being eaten by the dog two years running now), charteuse heucheras (babysitting them for my sister), and a Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose start, shaped, dug out, and mulched. Must mulch much more later.
  • 1 path (curved, not straight, yay!) spontaneously created through new planting bed allowing for access to the rear of the coop and preventing destruction of said planting bed. (Not holding my breath.) Planning to make more permanent later with gravel or pavers.
  • Leaf mulch raked around but not touching new Juniper babies. Evergreen babies are so cute! They are the pit bull puppies of trees!
  • Sprouting straw mulch removed from under our raspberry trellis and installed in the space left behind by the old patio as faux-sod.

So much done, so much left to do. We are redoing our entire property, in stages, mind you, but because a lot of the projects involve reusing material from previous projects being dismantled or changed, there is always some work pending on other work being completed.

We are very ambitious. And not excellent planners. We are the sweet, adorable (for now) neighborhood eccentrics and are desperately trying to finish up our very visible front and side yard ASAP so we don’t end up becoming “those” neighbors. (Don’t follow our example, follow hers.)

More to come, I’m sure. And photos, if I can bring myself to share the sheer messiness that is our wee spot in the city.

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 Photo Credit: Neslihan Gunaydin via Unsplash