Every Child A Dancer. Skin & Bones by Ricky Ubeda

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I wish every child could learn how to express themselves like Ricky Ubeda.

To have the first decade or two of our lives include learning to dance as a matter of course. Supplemented with simultaneous hands-on training to learn how to take care of the earth, developing skills of self-sufficiency and interdependence to support our entire global family.

Then, on that dual foundation, each choosing the next step of their own journey.

It would not be a simple dream to realize, requiring a world government (and willing citizens) not entrenched in the business of war, focused on health and progress instead of material riches.

Yet, if that was our reality, just imagine how alive we all could be.

HT Maddie Ziegler in Dazed

Photo Credit: Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash