Goodbye Spring, Hello Winter

Sunny, 60 degree days have given way to frosty mornings and chilly rain. Time to take a minute to reflect and regroup.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Edged and completed the front yard patio.
  • Seeded Pacific NW Grass Mix over builder-laid generic sod laid in the part of our property containing an ingress/egress easement.
  • Seeded grass mix and laid straw to cover over areas of the front lawn we dug up when installing the patio and taking out last year’s garden boxes.
  • Transplanted one of the Fire Light Hydrangea Paniculata to a location nearer the driveway.
  • Planted the last Debutante Camellia near the current front path and mailbox.
  • Planted the replacement Peggy Clarke Prunus Mume in the berm. (Thanks, Raintree Nursery!)
  • Unfortunately, the Apple Blossom and Sweet Autumn clematis didn’t survive the winter in our muddy backyard, so I’m keeping an eye on Gardensphere’s stock and saving up, hoping to nab a couple in a month or so when we’ve improved the conditions a bit.
  • Pruned the Fameuse and Honeycrisp Apple trees, the Goldbeere Elderberry, the Pink Lemonade and two (I think) Olympia Blueberries, and the Thundercloud Flowering Plum.
  • Pinched yellowing and old leaves off two of the Debutante Camellias. They had bit more strong sun then we expected after planting last fall but seem to be doing well now as they establish.

Uncut Pink Muhly Grass Spring 2015What’s next?

Evereste Crabapple blooms

Most of all, we need to collaborate and agree on a more cohesive overall feel for all parts of the yard. Our needs and wants have changed from simply a backyard orchard/veg garden/dog play area to those plus privacy plantings/child play area/reduced lawn/family gathering area. Pretty and functional being our main goals. We are staying put for a while and want to feel as secure and comfortable as possible in and around our little home.

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Featured Photo Credit: Death To The Stock Photo

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