Ch-Ch-Changes in the Garden

I’ve been thinking about change lately — partly because of Grow Write Guild Prompt 3, partly because I’ve entered my late 30’s, and partly because of an Ernest Becker quote shared by Margaret Roach while discussing his take on life in her book, The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening and Life: "Nothing lasts. Leaves fall. Gardeners and their gardens? Compost starter." 

So there you go. With life's process being boiled down to that, is being troubled over change worth it to a gardener? Would I really care about these changes if I had not tied my self-image, my self-worth to controlling, claiming, and creating this garden over the past year? Do I care?

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Here And Now

In her Introduction, Roach wrote,

”Though the pursuit of horticulture is all about control— asking nature and particularly plants to submit to cultivation at our hands— it’s also where everything is totally out of control.”

It felt sobering to read this as I looked out the window last night.

Everything about the view said change, a loss of control; the cold fog rolling in, the damp, wilted Cuban oregano (poss. Coleus amboinicus or Plectranthus amboinicus), the suddenly upright nemesia, the skeletal stonecrops.

Cold weather has come and my duties have changed. Berry and herb harvesting are about done so I'm out this morning intending to plant bulbs, optimistic that the temperature, now hovering just above freezing, will hold. It's not a time to stand still.

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