M.F.K. Fisher

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I fell in love with M.F.K. Fisher’s erudite prose after stumbling upon An Alphabet for Gourmets in the now-defunct Gourmet magazine and quickly obtained a copy of The Art Of Eating.

Every year I savour the five books it contains, Serve It Forth, Consider The Oyster, How To Cook A Wolf, The Gastronomical Me, and, of course, An Alphabet For Gourmets. Slowly, I begin to make my way through her recipes.

The recipes, though, are not the sole reason or even a reason to read M.F.K. Fisher. Sappy as it sounds, immersing oneself in her words imbues one with a greater awareness of everyday occurrences, the lyricism of the mundane and the routine, and a finer sensitivity to that which is consumed and how. Buy a copy, sign them out of the library, or borrow some from a friend and see what you think.

Photo Credit: Unsplash