Marco Roth (And Me) On Earlier Selves

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“How many times had I told myself that what I’d experienced…were things that had happened to another person, a person from whom I felt cut off, not because I was currently inhabiting a false self, that had been layered over the true one, but because these earlier selves had dead-ended, were, in a sense, no longer alive.”

Marco Roth, The Scientists: A Family Romance

This passage really resonates with me today.  I’ve been going through some belongings stashed away for years (violin, music books, photographs, lists and random scribbles) and while feeling a sense of recognition, also feel a sense of disconnect.  Am I still that person?

Do we continue to carry the seeds of earlier selves within waiting to bloom with cultivation? Or are those earlier experiences, while contributing to who one is in the present, representative only of a self that was not chosen or explored?