Monáe & Badu. What??

Having been a fan of Janelle Monáe ever since seeing her video Tightrope back in 2010, how in the world how did I miss that she and the incredible Erykah Badu had teamed up on a song and video released this past summer?  Spending a bit too much time in our little domestic bubble, I guess.

Q.U.E.E.N. is, of course, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., so naturally I took the opportunity to educate our little ones on quality music and artistry and we all bopped along with the dancers, trying to learn the moves.  Approximately. Check it out:

That video was incredible, but have you seen Janelle Monáe perform live?  I haven’t had the privilege of doing so in person but I got a good feel of it from Anna’s review.  Here is Ms. Monáe on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, singing, dancing, and yes, moonwalking:

This woman gives her absolute all to her craft.  Her commitment blows me away and inspires me to live my life with the same ardent devotion, determination, and joy she displays. Enough said.