An Apple-Induced Spring Mood Swing

fameuse apple blossom

We have three apple trees in our backyard, a Honeycrisp for fresh eating and cider making (my husband’s tree), a Fameuse dessert apple (my baby, pictured), and an Evereste Crabapple to pollinate them both and make the corner of our backyard gorgeous.

This morning, I noticed that all three trees had open blossoms. This is the first year they have flowered together (though in different stages). It is very exciting to see our trees all begin to grow up and to know they may (may!) set a decent crop of fruit this year.

That is, if they survive.


Upon spotting these little campers on my Fameuse, my farming giddiness swung quickly into depression, and if I’m honest, a wee bit of rage and disappointment.

In fact, I almost didn’t share that photograph, but contrary to all the beautiful, pristine shots of gardens and flowers you see on Instagram and Pinterest, this is often the reality of growing food. There is beauty and there is hunger and it is not always our hunger that gets satisfied. Gardening and farming are not always pretty and we must often deal with that head-on.

So, with a deep sigh, we will be heading over for a visit with our friends at GardenSphere to come up with a name for our hungry visitors (EDIT: they turned out to be rather fittingly called tent caterpillars) and a plan to keep them from spreading throughout our backyard orchard. In the meantime, I leave you with some happy imagery and optimistic thoughts of a good harvest.

Honeycrisp Bud

Buds on our Honeycrisp Apple tree.

Everest Crabapple Branch

Evereste Crabapple branches in bloom.

(image: Carla; tree source: all trees purchased through Raintree Nursery in Morton, WA)