My Dream Garden

"Dream Garden" is Gayla Trail's second Grow Write Guild writing prompt. I don't really fantasize about my ‘dream’ anything. Well, other than hairstyles perhaps! But a dream garden, that’s a doozy. Okay, let’s get to it.

It’d have to be a coastal garden, because let’s face it, I want to live on the beach. Period. So I guess that’s a ‘dream’ something, no? Back on track. Canna lilies just because. Rosa rugosa and spiky grasses calling back to summers on the Jersey shore. Wind-whipped trees at the top of the dunes, shades of Treasure Beach, Jamaica and Seabrook’s madronas.

I’m picturing English cottage gardens right now and they seem fun but not quite right for a coastal setting so I’ll stick to blocks of thorny flowering bushes, dramatic trees, and maybe a few pots of herbs.

That seems like a really cold beach, let’s warm it up with a few lemon trees on a nearby hill and a couple more in large pots around my tiled porch. Warm air, bushy beauty, fragrant herbs and some fruit.

Throw in a few thunderstorms over night and a little rain every so often in the morning with a ton of sun and I think we’ve got it.

P.S. Here's my response to Prompt #1.

Photo Credits: Gratisography and Unsplash