My First Plant

My first plant was Thunbergia alata, Black-Eyed Susan VineAs a teenager, I picked that particular plant up on a whim while shopping at Funks Farmers Market because it seemed hardier than the gifted African Violets that died on my watch.

The vine’s cheery orange flowers were the same color as the walls of my bedroom. The centers were a soft, almost black color. It seemed a bit like a rebellious plant, not proper like my grandmother’s prim pink and white petunias hanging from the balcony of her apartment in town.

I grew the Black-Eyed Susan on the porch, in the same white pot it came in from Funks Farmers Market, with the tripod of wires connected to a hook for hanging on top. I never thought to hang it up. At least I don’t remember doing so. I do remember collecting a lot of its round, black, bumpy seeds.

The plant eventually died, probably because of too much watering. The seeds I pushed into the soil never sprouted. I probably won’t bring home another Thunbergia alta (famous last words… click here to check out the colors on a different variety!), but it was a lovely, happy plant while it lived.

Do you remember your first plant? Would you grow it again?

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Photo Credit: Death To Stock