Sanity In The Kitchen By Way Of Punk Chef

What does one to do have fun (and maintain sanity) when your toddler insists on helping in the kitchen? First, take a deep breath, ask him to wash his hands, and let him get lost in soap bubble experiments.

If he remembers that he wants to help, have him put on his apron, cut up a mushroom with you, and then give him a huge bowl, a limited amount of ingredients, and step back, accepting that you will miss adding something to your own dish while keeping an eye on the creative flurry next to you.

While you’re at it, click over to Punk Chef Kid Challenge, dance around the kitchen to the soundtrack, and inspire your wee one(s) to keep on cooking up a storm.

Punk Chef Kids Challenge | Splash Of Paprika

The music is just right to catch my boys’ interest, and the children signing and cooking away under the tutelage of the indomitable Punk Chef–he’s on a mission aiming to get Deaf community healthier, feel great, and eat better– does the rest.

p.s. BSL Zone has some great programming in British Sign Language.

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Photo Credit: Death To The Stock Photo