Slow Love By Dominique Browning: Delicious But With A Slight Aftertaste

Dominique Browning’s relaxed memoir, Slow Love, is a witty read with lots of food for thought. A humorous documentation of her internal struggles in her roles as a woman and a mother who feels lost without the work that she felt most defined her.

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How she uses the time given her (not by her choosing) to come to terms with not always being in control, to remember who she is, and to learn how to make conscious decisions instead of being along for the ride, feels familiar.

Her luxurious surroundings and moneyed lifestyle are quite a step up from my day-to-day life, but I’d say that escapism is a good part of the fun and needn’t detract from the story.

I enjoy how Browning expresses herself. Yet, the complacent recounting of her long-term romance with a noncommittal married man and the unsettling way they objectified each other, well, while I understand it was part of her journey, I didn’t enjoy it being part of mine.

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This is a book of powerful quotes and astute observations. I just wish the entire Stroller vein was cauterized and removed, leaving the delightful writing and appealing character of the author that was established at the start to remain unblemished.

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p.s. Crave another perspective or two? Here’s Miranda Seymour’s NY Times review, Jobless Recovery, and Maureen Corrigan’s review, When Love And Work Hit The Skids: ‘Slow Down’. Getting a copy of your own? Here’s the official reader guide for extra credit. Perfect for solo meditation or group discussion.

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