So Much To Do. Just Not Today

Today was not a great day, physically, so instead of running outside as the little ones took their afternoon nap (for once!), I sat myself down to conserve energy for the evening and to consider what Mr. E and I need to do next out on the back .14-ish. In no particular order, at all.

  • Finish wrapping hardware mesh around the top half of the chicken coop
  • Prune and train Honeycrisp and Fameuse apples
  • Plant the Debutante camellia in our (now) side yard (We’re changing the entrance to the front door from a straight shot from the sidewalk to the side of our porch to a walk up the gravel path from the sidewalk over a portion of the patio and curving up a few stairs onto the porch facing the front door. In time.)
  • Transfer one of the young Fire Light hydrangea paniculatas
  • Install edging around the just-finished patio
  • Seed the front yard with PNW sun ‘n’ shade mix
  • Build 2 4×8 raised beds
  • Dig out and install a 5/8″ gravel path from the sidewalk to the patio
  • Move the rose-bush out of the pathway of the new gate in the fence (but to where?)
  • Mulch under the raspberry trellis between the driveway and the house

Naturally, there’s a lot more to do but one must stop somewhere and then get to work as soon as possible. Rather, I must stop and hit publish because I keep wrapping up this post, then going back to add just one more thing…

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Photo Credit: Death To The Stock Photo