The Mad(cap) Gardener Versus The Migraine

Day 1 – Wake up with migraine. Apply heat. Take migraine medication. Doesn’t work.

Day 2 – Wake up achy, no migraine. Take anti-inflammatory. Get migraine. Cover face with pillow and fall asleep.

Day 3 – Wake up with shadow of migraine. See a sun break. Stomp outside to chase away pain with work and wonderful fresh air. Sun break disappears.

Headache | Giphy

Get to work anyway. Remove sod from large area around cherry tree. Horrify onlooker with ragged uneven bed edges. Carefully redo edges(-ish). 

Neighbor runs out to see why gardening is being done during torrential downpour. Bark a laugh. Reply it has to be done and soil is finally workable. Neighbor runs inside. 

Resume work. Dig holes in sand- and rock-packed practically dry ‘soil’. Plant bushes. Even soil. Tilt crazily carting wheelbarrow of sod to road. Add to berm. Tamp.

Attempt to document project in rain using old iPhone. Develop deep respect for garden photographers regarding perspective, focus, and cropping cars, etc. out of frame. 

Go inside. Take hot bath. Get migraine anyway. Realize medicine and heat not working indicates serotonin imbalance. Request chocolate delivery. Receive 1 dark chocolate bar, 1 milk chocolate bar, and 1 bag of m&m’s. 

Day 4 – Wake up with migraine. Migraine recedes with mindful consumption of dark chocolate squares throughout the day. Resume plotting of garden. Or perhaps lose the plot. Inconsequential. More digging ahead.

Victory Over Migraine | Splash Of Paprika

Featured Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lies via Unsplash