These April Flowers Are Bringing May Showers

Cherry Blossoms At Kubota Gardens in Seattle | Splash Of Paprika

My sister and I spotted these cherry blossoms at Seattle’s Kubota Garden.

This spring there has been so much pressure, so much grief, anxiety, and stress it has been difficult for me to function physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

April ended with a stretch of dry, sun-filled, 80 degree weather whereby I would gladly wake not chilled to the bone as is usual in our marine climate.

The last few days, I have remembered to take advantage of the fresh air when possible, whether briefly during the day or in a blissful stretch of solitude at night after the children are asleep.  I dive into my yard, digging, transplanting and striving for beauty, the movement releasing the ever-present sick feeling in my stomach and clearing my head.

May has started with waves of sprinkles through the day and glorious, large drops of heavy rain overnight, soothing my parched, burnt flowers and berry bushes.